10 Reasons Why Plein Air Painting Is Like a Sport

This was Friday, making my second attempt painting my Grape Hyacinths in my garden here in Iowa, the day after I painted with alllllll the winter layers of clothing....and now today, it snowed, but now the sun is out! Never a dull moment in Iowa! Plein air painting is always a challenge....that's why I consider it more than art. Plein air painting is my sport.  

WHY??????  I've listed 10 reasons below! 

I am sure I've heard every one of them in every sport I have ever participated in.  

  1.  You have to really focus on the goal
  2.  You can't overthink things.
  3.  You can't psych yourself out...lest you get the yips!
  4.  You have to really think about your body position
  5.  You have to be aware of your surroundings(so a bear doesn't sneak up behind you or something...true story, it happened to me!)
  6.  You can't be distracted by your opponent (all the other pretty things you could include in your painting)
  7.  You have to be prepared to adjust to the weather and light messing with your eyes!
  8.  You have to think about your technique and where your movement needs to start from...in this case, it's all from my shoulder...not my wrist!
  9.  You have to follow through with your movements
  10.  And finally, GET IN THE ZONE! Put your whole heart, mind, body and soul into what you do!
The Original Grape Hyacinths No. 1, has sold, but prints are available

A lot of people have been asking me what kind of paint brush I used to create this painting.  The answer? NONE!  All done with a super tiny 2mm tipped  palette knife and small pieces of paper towel to blot with.  Amazing right!!  It's all about learning how to move that paint around.  That palette knife has been the best tool for working fast with tiny paintings and limited time to complete them.