A Foggy Morning at the Lindsay Park Yacht Club

A foggy morning on the Mississippi River at the Lindsay Park Yacht Club, established in 1887, one of the oldest of its kind on this river. The club was home to rowing competitions that once drew thousands of spectators along the river’s shorelines. The club incorporated in the 1930’s as the Lindsay Park Holding Company, named after the park (its namesake) located just north from it. The holding company expanded from rowing to dock not only row boats, but cabin cruisers, runabouts, canoes, sailboats, and eventually, powerboats. In the 40’s, the holding company changed from marina, to patrol operations base for the Coast Guard during WWII. The patrol base gave protection to the Rock Island Arsenal, located right across the river. A beautiful location then and now, enjoyed and useful to many locals, and traveling boaters along the mighty Mississippi River. #riverlife #travel #midwest #davenportiowa