Grape Hyacinth Magical Macro Photoshoot

I love Grape Hyacinths!

I still remember as a kid growing up in Iowa, when they would bloom and my neighbor moms would talk about this strangely named flower, wondering, "What do grapes have to do with flowers?"

I'm still enamored with them today. I am enjoying the cool weather for the fact that they will last longer out in my garden, but I'm frustrated that it's too chilly for me to last for long enough to paint them right in my garden, where the light is best!

So I decided to play with a macro lens and try to capture the beauty of all the parts that make up the whole beautiful flower. They are just so cool! Do you have any memories of favorite springtime flowers growing up?


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I had so much fun getting comfortable with my macro lenses and the new challenges this type of photography brings.

Some of the challenges with iphone macro photography are:

  • shallow depth of field
  • having to hold ever so still....or get a tripod of sorts
  • getting the indoor lighting just right
  • needing to work indoors because of the breeze outside making it impossible to get a still enough shot that won't be blurry

Grape Hyacinths, also known as Muscari, macro flower photography photos by Marie Stephens Art

I am hoping that I will improve my macro photography skills this growing season, and that these images will inspire some new paintings!  Although, I think the images are beautiful on their own, and I plan to make prints with some of them.  Which one is your favorite?


Watch the video below to see the images up close, and see some of the equipment I used during the shoot.



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Full disclosure, I earn a commission on any purchases made through the links about macro lenses on this blog post.  Thanks!