"Painting is Silent Poetry, and Poetry is Painting that Speaks"- Plutarch

paint colors that lower your stress


Pale greens and blues make one think of lakes, rivers, and skies, all places we turn to for relaxation.

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Bright blue skies with fluffy clouds and fresh green fields rejuvenate your spirit. This is a print of a plein air painting of the field north of our property.

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This beautiful collection of blues and greens remind me of trips to the Mediterranean, and Caribbean Seas, and Hawaii's North Shore.

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Pictured below: The field north of our property.  I often look to this sliver of serenity when I need to destress. I love to watch the changing colors of the field, trees, and sky, every day, and I have painted it on more than one occasion, (see bathroom art image above)

seeking serenity in a cluttered world

Have you ever just laid down on the floor and stared at your ceiling just to see an open space? Or sought respite by staring out the window up into the sky?  Or gazed out across an open field, just to give your cluttered mind a mini vacation? There might be a colorful reason for that. 

Have you ever wondered why you choose these places when you are trying to relax?  

What colors are these places? 

How Colors are thought to Affect Our Mental state

  • Calming and Healing: pale blues and greens
  • Inspiring Creativity and Spirituality: purples
  • Stimulate Appetite: Oranges and Yellows
  • Passion, Power and Energy: Red
  • Colors can affect each person differently based on our cultural backgrounds and life experiences.

How do these colors affect your mood?

Which of the colors in the image above do you look to when you when you want to feel:

A) Calm B) Energetic C) Spiritual D)Passionate E) Creative F) Sleepy G) Hungry, etc

Stress Free Colors

Here are 3 peaceful paint colors to help you relax


There's a reason we look to the sky and the water. It relaxes us. Combine softer shades of blue for your walls  with seascape or cloudscape art for calming balance.


Gives us a calming, soothing sense of renewal and healing, most likely because green is almost always present in places we go to relax, parks, lakes, forests, our backyards.


Stick with warmer or softer neutrals to promote a relaxing environment. Brighter neutrals, like white, could create a more stressful, clinical environment.