The Arsenal Bridge and the Mississippi River, Behind Lock and Dam 15

With the record warm early January temps we had, I actually got out of my vehicle to walk the bike path to see what Lock and Dam 15 looks like on the back side, and I am glad I did!


Behold the Beauty.

Every time I drive south towards the Mississippi River when I am on Iowa Street, I am in awe of these architectural masterpieces! I am fascinated by the convergence of so many lines and angles all surrounding something as wild as the mighty Mississippi.That, coupled with the abundance of Bald Eagles, sea gulls, ducks, geese, fishermen, photographers, cyclists, walkers,the powerful sound of the water passing over the rollers, and the sound of the trains and cars moving over the Arsenal Bridge, really floats my boat!This place is the ultimate sensory experience, and a beautiful gem of the Quad Cities